Judo is an Olympic sport and an excellent form of self-defence as well as being an important part of Mixed Martial Arts. Judo is integral part of the training at Carlson Gracie Team and is used to aid the stand up of our team members.

Training in Judo will give the student excellent balance and agility as well as the ability to finish a fight quickly and emphatically.

Judo training is similar to BJJ in that live sparing (Randori) plays an important role in developing the students’ abilities and again, technique and leverage are of paramount importance rather than brute strength.

Judo classes at Carlson Gracie Hull are taken by Owen Livesey and Julia Scardone. Owen is a black belt Judoka and was a part of Team GB Judo as well as being a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Julia is also a Judo Black Belt and ex member of Team Great Britain as well as being a BJJ Blue Belt.