Combat Nutrition (formally physiques training) have been changing the way athletes across different sports manage their nutrition since 2006.  Initially ‘prepping’ Bodybuilders, in 2009 they were approached by rising UFC star John Hathaway to manage his nutrition and help him make weight safely, then refuel him whilst optimising his performance in training and on fight night.  This was very successful and John reaped the benefits from their methods.


From this the Combat Nutrition team gained a reputation of being at the forefront of cutting edge sports nutrition and started working with many different athletes from a variety of sports.  These included:


  • Horse racing
  • Speedway
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Judo
  • Muay thai
  • Kickboxing


Their notoriety has resulted in Founder Darren Deane appearing twice on BTSports UFC beyond the octagon program and writing for the Independent newspaper about weight cutting.


Combat Nutrition were then asked to work for Russian based MMA promotion ACB, designing menus for the athletes at the hotels they would reside at whilst away for fight week.


Combat Nutrition currently work with athletes such as:


  • Thiago Silva (mma legend)
  • Jimmy Wallhead (mma)
  • Nathon Burns (judo player)
  • Owen Livesey (judo player)
  • Ruth Ashdown (WBC world muay thai champion)
  • Oil Thompson (mma)
  • Dan Collins (mma)
  • John Hathaway (mma)
  • Navid Irann (pro boxing)


These are to name a few, all athletes we work with have a bespoke plan made for them.


If you would like to improve your physical condition or need help getting down to weight for competition, contact combat nutrition and get your discount through being a Carlson Gracie Hull member and work with the best in the business.