The primary focus of Carlson Gracie Hull is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This highly effective martial art was created by Carlos Gracie in the early 20th century from the teaching of Judo master Mitsuo Maeda and was developed into a fighting style that stands head and shoulders above all others.

The effectiveness of BJJ was demonstrated in the early 1990s when the ultimate fighting championship pitted fighters from different styles against each other with virtually no rules. Time and again it was the grappling style of BJJ that proved to be superior and to this day remains the primary focus for the majority of mixed martial arts champions.

The BJJ fighter will seek to take his opponent to the ground and gain a dominant position where he can apply a multitude of joint locks and choke holds to secure a submission form his bewildered opponent.

The art of BJJ is a very positive addition to any lifestyle with huge development in fitness, agility, self-confidence and general physical and mental wellbeing. Strong friendships are formed in such a positive training environment and its often said that in joining Carlson Gracie Team one becomes part of a family.

BJJ creates effective fighters due to the nature of the training. By removing dangerous techniques (eg strikes, gouging or groin strikes) we are able to train at much higher intensity without the risk of injury, meaning the techniques we practice are honed in a realistic environment and the BJJ fighter is prepared for the adrenaline and intensity of a “real fight”.

BJJ is a very technical martial art, leverage and technique play a greater part than strength meaning a smaller person can overcome a larger more aggressive opponent. For this reason it is ideal for any woman seeking to improve her chances of defending herself against an attacker.

BJJ will be practiced in both Gi and No Gi.